Developer’s blog 2


Over the past week, we’ve been busy finalizing the transfer of all special equipment to a new “skeleton”. Now the manipulators can be used by ladies as well:


I’ve also finished introducing all armor suits into the game. At the moment, over 50 suits are ready:


We’ve also decided to rework the animation of some mechs and add new animations for mutants. To do that, we’ve standardized meshes for one “skeleton”:



I’ve continued bringing more creatures over to Avalon, making the fauna on the planet even more diverse.


Diggers have new relatives: a spitter, a she-digger and a bomb digger.




Apart from some small stuff, like images on the website, finishing touches to the interface, loading screen and some work on improving locations, we’ve expanded the abilities of diggers (that have already been realized as game models).


Very soon, enemies in the game will learn to cooperate with one another and use different special abilities. If a regular worker digger knows only how to bite things, then a she-digger can sting you at a distance with great precision and give a boost to all fellow diggers around it. A spitter, as follows from the name, can spit sticky and toxic substance that stuns a character. A delay in killing a spitter can lead to a big damage when confronting even weak diggers. And if during a battle we hear a buzzing noise, we should be on the lookout for bomb diggers. They are weak and are extremely easy to kill but if they manage to run up to you, they’ll go off, blowing your brains out.


In addition to small beetles, our lab has produced a beetle of a larger size.
It doesn’t look quite like an insect but it will make a good pet. This species will be extremely rare in the game and will only be given to a few people from those who support us over the next two months after the countdown on the website stops. Not only will this pet allow for precision fire and indulging yourself in some destructive activities, but it will also serve as a mount. And you will be able to attack enemies without dismounting, which is not possible in case with regular transport.