News 12.11.2018

Hi everyone!

It is time for some news about the exact state of the project.
As you know, in recent months the project has not received any major updates, and there are serious reasons for this: after restarting the game in May, many users faced some technical issues (again) that we didn’t manage to solve quickly. We searched for many ways to solve them and found one that seemed to fully meet our needs — a technology from Improbable ( called SpatialOS.
Recently, poor sales of Project Genom fell to almost zero (and it’s obvious why): from August 1 to November 1, we sold 182 copies of the game, about 20% of which was returned under the Steam return program. The current income is less than $500 per month, taking into account the fact that we need to support at least 2 database servers (for two regions) and 3 servers with the game world, each of which costs about $ 100 per month (our hosting ipserver, inquisitive ones can find the price for the USA and Russia locations).

In the past months, we have been searching for additional funds to transfer the game to a new technology. Now we are starting another redesign of Project Genom, with SpatialOS technology.
In the near future, sales of the current version of the game will be temporarily suspended. In December, we will restrict access to the game servers. In this regard, we will think about how to compensate players for this pause with in-game content after the release of a stable version of the game. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience and long wait. We’d like to emphasize that the game is not going to end at this and its development still continues. We will report the news on our progress.
Despite the technical issues, the development of the visual part of Project Genom continues. For example, we’ve made a lot of unique animations for enemies in the game.