Developer’s blog 4

March is coming to an end but the update planned for this time will arrive a tiny bit later. We do apologize for the delay.

The past few months we’ve been working hard on the update and now we’d like to show you what Genom will be like in the nearest future.
We have almost completed updating locations that constantly grow in number and scale:


We keep working on a new character controller which will be featured in a separate video soon with the demonstration of all ins and outs:

The character development system has been redesigned entirely, as have been those regarding equipment, trade, skills and stats, but there is still plenty to do in terms of improving the look of the graphic interface.


We’ve added such parameters as armor energy output and weapon energy consumption, necessary to efficiently use skills that you will have to keep an eye on when constructing your build.

Over the past three months more than a hundred new quests and interactive events have been created, most of which have already been realized. We have also redesigned the majority of the existing quests that now have up to 4 ways of fulfilling tasks and many new game mechanics. To complete the 4 chapters of the game storyline you will have to spend at least 40 hours.

Our starting location has expanded threefold and serves better to immerse you in the game right from the very beginning.


We continue our work on quad bikes, buggies, gliders, manipulators, wings, mechs, covers, mounts and pets. We are working on the details of the new close combat system, space, the construction of a spaceship and personal items, prototypes concerning the resource extraction system, crafting and item upgrades. We are expanding the game world and filling it with new characters and dangers.

With your help, we’ve even managed to participate in voting on the names of game groups that will be called syndicates.

We once again apologize to those of you who have been waiting for this update and we are grateful for your support. Very soon, a new and improved Genom will be made available to founders.

Our project grows and matures, as does our team. There’s a lot to do yet, and only with your support we can make a truly living and breathing universe!

Thank you for being with us!

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Progression System 2.0

Today we would like to tell you more about the character progression system.

In the new system all information about your character is located in one window – the Genom window:


A character has 12 paths of development, which are the following:

  • Weapon;
  • Armor;
  • Special equipment;
  • Extraction;
  • Crafting;
  • Upgrades;
  • Research;
  • Devices;
  • Transport;
  • Sidekicks;
  • Space;
  • Building;

Each path has 6 skills and is a separate window with many nodes that can open new character features. Every new feature that you acquire impacts only one specific skill.


There are also 6 character organism systems:

  • Cardiovascular;
  • Musculoskeletal;
  • Respiratory;
  • Nervous;
  • Immune;
  • Digestive;

Each system encompasses a certain set of organs.

Each organ can undergo mutation, be replaced with a synthetic analogue or developed to a human level.

Developing an organ along one of the paths allows you to get new organism features:


While traveling around the world, a character may get infected with a disease or otherwise damage any of the organs. Once an organ is infected, all features related to the organ become inactive. If a character is not healing, a disease may progress and affect other organs within one system. Also, the higher the stage of a disease, the more difficult it is to find a cure. But disease is not necessarily a bad thing. If you manage to steer the progress of a disease in the right direction, the organs of your character may develop new features.

The game will soon see a new character development system, inventory, animation, updated graphical user interface, levels, quests, transport and skills.

We thank you all for your support and we believe that only together we can create a truly living, breathing world.

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New Equipment System

Today we would like announce some of the forthcoming changes that we have been working on over the past few weeks.


We continue to redesign the game interface, the inventory system in particular.

Having analyzed the testers’ feedback, we’ve decided to move away from a list-like inventory to a slot system based on the drag-and-drop mechanics, where the number of slots is limited for every category of items. The inventory can be expanded for a particular category with special points. For example, to increase the number of weapon slots, you need to put weapon points into a closed slot.

New parameters will also soon be featured in the game, such as energy output and energy capacity. Certain items will have development requirements (a human, a mutant or a synthetic), while the pace of power consumption will play a really important role in terms of gameplay.

Also, in the very near future there will be a new character controller, reworked animations, expanded locations that we had to change once we switched to the open world model. There will be new storylines, many new quests with new mechanics, new character leveling system. We will also restore the work of transport, exoskeletons and special equipment.

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New Character Progression System

Hi, everyone!
Today we are announcing a new character progression system.

Thanks to you and your input, during testing we received a lot of feedback and ideas which inspired us to redesign the basic character progression mechanics.

Now every character has a Genom window, which includes:

  • progression path experience;
  • skill experience;
  • level and experience;
  • human, mutant and synthetic points;
  • character organism status;

All these elements are closely interlinked.

For more information about the new progression system can be read on this page.

To players

On a daily basis, our team is trying to make the project unique and exciting, giving our players new experience, freedom to experiment with different builds and devising new tactics. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this character progression system. See you in the world of Genom.

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Developer’s blog 3


There haven’t been any big updates lately in the project, which has raised questions from some of you.

We are finally ready to make a big announcement: Project Genom will have an open world.
At the moment, the largest planet will cover 200 square kilometers (over 77 square miles). For obvious reasons our first planet will be much smaller but even so it will be way larger than the current locations.
We believe an open world will have a positive effect on the development of our project but in light of these changes we had to completely – basically from scratch – redesign locations.

We have also introduced times of the day and some weather elements.


In the near future, all owners of Golden Packs will have a chance to access the PTR server, and as soon as we fix major errors of the open world, the update will be available for everyone.

During testing, we received a lot of feedback regarding the graphic interface of the game and we are already reworking it, taking into consideration our testers’ reaction (here’s a small secret – the inventory will be split into slots, with each item occupying up to 8 slots).


We continue to develop new content and at the moment we are focusing on tactical and sabotage suits of series 5-7:


Players can expect many new features soon, including modes of transport, robots, mutations, manipulators and new mechanics and quests.

We also keep updating the range of mechs:


We are thankful to everyone who supports us and we hope that together we can make a truly high-quality project.



We’ve created a new model of a pet that will be available to all Founders once it appears in the game.




The quad bike model has been redesigned and it now has a more flexible suspension.


We’ve prepared a model of new tactical armor of the 5th series and it will be implemented in the game shortly.


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