Developer’s blog 2


Over the past week, we’ve been busy finalizing the transfer of all special equipment to a new “skeleton”. Now the manipulators can be used by ladies as well:


I’ve also finished introducing all armor suits into the game. At the moment, over 50 suits are ready:


We’ve also decided to rework the animation of some mechs and add new animations for mutants. To do that, we’ve standardized meshes for one “skeleton”:



I’ve continued bringing more creatures over to Avalon, making the fauna on the planet even more diverse.


Diggers have new relatives: a spitter, a she-digger and a bomb digger.




Apart from some small stuff, like images on the website, finishing touches to the interface, loading screen and some work on improving locations, we’ve expanded the abilities of diggers (that have already been realized as game models).


Very soon, enemies in the game will learn to cooperate with one another and use different special abilities. If a regular worker digger knows only how to bite things, then a she-digger can sting you at a distance with great precision and give a boost to all fellow diggers around it. A spitter, as follows from the name, can spit sticky and toxic substance that stuns a character. A delay in killing a spitter can lead to a big damage when confronting even weak diggers. And if during a battle we hear a buzzing noise, we should be on the lookout for bomb diggers. They are weak and are extremely easy to kill but if they manage to run up to you, they’ll go off, blowing your brains out.


In addition to small beetles, our lab has produced a beetle of a larger size.
It doesn’t look quite like an insect but it will make a good pet. This species will be extremely rare in the game and will only be given to a few people from those who support us over the next two months after the countdown on the website stops. Not only will this pet allow for precision fire and indulging yourself in some destructive activities, but it will also serve as a mount. And you will be able to attack enemies without dismounting, which is not possible in case with regular transport.


Developers’ blog 1


At the start of the month the team visited the IgroMir game expo in Moscow. During those several days we could be found at a joint stand of the Igromania magazine and Thermaltake, which we are grateful to. We got a lot of feedback from players and obtained some good contacts that, hopefully, will help us with further development.

Last week, we continued our work on the mob power balance. We modified the loot system – there are more useful items dropping out of mobs now – and fixed the issue of object collision on some levels, as well as some other smaller bugs.

We have set the countdown on our website that shows the time left until the moment everyone will be able to try the game out.


Over the past week we made over 200 icons for armor, weapons, loot, plants, resources and quest items. Now the Avalon buttercup is clearly distinguishable from the Raider boots, and it’s great.


We prepared the images of all characters involved in quests, since speaking to a character with a face is way nicer that to a blank screen.


We made a new version of the ammo box:


We continue to work on smaller representatives of the Avalon fauna which brings more diversity to the game world.



Along with creating new elements of the game, we remember to improve what already exists.

Finally, the land textures are acting “normally” and looking better and more realistic, and the normal mapping is all good now.

Wehavereassembledcertain things at the level, made new roads, fixed little bits here and there, like the color of grass, added decals and made several other little changes.


The size of locations has also been enlarged. There are new locations and quests, dangerous caves, an instance zone with a boss, the morgue, thesmugglers’ lair – there’s plenty to explore! Ifthat’snotenough, you might want to check out the extended Messenger which will provide you with lots of quests.


Along with adding more beauty to the world of Genom, we took part in the IgroMir game expo in Moscow. To draw more attention to our project and our stand at the expo where you could talk to the developers and try an updated version of the game, we prepared a bunch of leaflets that were distributed at the event.

All of those who saw the leaflet could spot a promo code which will provide its owners with some sweet bonuses in the game after its official release.

You can find those promo codes by asking around or by finding some photos on the internet. Themostattentiveplayers will in the future be able to find the code even in the game =)



Starting July 7, 2015, you can vote on Steam Greenlight for MMORPG Project Genom, developed by the independent studio Neuronhaze. Everyone’s help is welcome to support the project!
Project Genom is a multiplayer shooter with a diversified role system, engaging story and numerous game activities, including the development of a character’s mental abilities and the construction of spacecraft, as well as trips to other planets.
The project has successfully completed the closed testing stage and now aims to take Steam by storm with your help.

Early Access starts in Q4 this year

The Early Access is scheduled to start in Q4 this year.

We recently started a closed alpha test and found the game already a genuinely enjoyable experience. We should be ready for Early Access in Q4, even though the game has still a long way to go, because we have lots and lots of ideas for it. We’ll talk about them in the near future.”

About the Sci-Fi MMORPG Project Genom:
Project Genom is being developed by a team of enthusiasts with the goal of creating an ideal MMO experience for all fans of the sci-fi setting around the world. In addition to the authors’ vision, the game is shaped by the feedback and ideas provided by players who are participating in the closed alpha test.

In Project Genom, you take on the role of a survivor of Earth’s terrible egological catastrophe and embark on a journey to discover new planets, encounter the alien wildlife and numerous enemies. On this mission the players will be free to choose their next course of action – for ex. will they help the outpost or themselves? Each choice will influence the storyline and some of the actions can significantly alter the world of Genom itself. To combat the hostiles players will have access to a vast arsenal of weapons, equipment and mechs and in order to travel between the planets you will have to build an entire spaceship!