Site maintenance

We are currently busy updating the website, so expect disruptions on the forum during the next few days. We plan on finishing all work by June 7, 2015.

Thank you for your patience.

Project Genom needs your vote

Starting July 7, 2015, Project Genom will be up for voting on Steam Greenlight. At this time, like never before, we need your support and your votes!

The global MMORPG shooter, that includes the exploration of several planets, space, PvE and PvP modes, needs your help! Go to Steam Greenlight and support us with your vote. Our goal is to draw as much attention to Project Genom as possible so that as many survivors as possible could go on a journey to explore new planets and fight hostile aliens both on the ground and in space.

New website

Good news, everyone! We have updated our website!

We have decided to integrate the website and the forum, which is necessary for the subsequent creation of one integrated personal account.

All the information from the previous version of the forum is saved and processed.

Given there is a new forum, everyone should register again.

At the moment, we keep tweaking the look and functionality of the website and we’ll be grateful to you for your help in finding bugs on the website. You can report the bugs you spot here.

Thank you for your support!

Gameplay video 2

In this digest we’ll have a sneak peek of a new location and showcase new types of weapon by testing it out on the local fauna. We will also talk about the leveling of a character, skills and stats, their importance and where to get them.

Special equipment

While the project is nearer and nearer to its Greenlight debut, we would like to show you another video, in which you’ll have a chance to see special equipment and means of transport that will be available to players since the very first version of the game.
We’ll also show you a sneaky peek of a personal hangar.