Weekly Newsletter [#23]


Greetings, friends! PTS are still open, and we continue to share the information about what we’ve managed to do over the past week.

PTS Update

As we mentioned in the previous report, PTS servers will be constantly updated until the new game version is released to the main servers. We’d like to mention the latest updates for all who don’t enter the PTS servers:

  • Ported the project to the UE4.16.3.
  • Fixed a bug with saving the character exit coordinates in the database.
  • Fixed a bug with saving the customization settings in the database.
  • Fixed a bug with weapon replication wielded by other characters.
  • Fixed most of the bugs causing the server to crash.
  • Fixed bugs with inventory items missing.
  • Prohibited dealing damage to other players.
  • Fixed a bug with the shield functioning.
  • Fixed a bug with servers crashing when building on Linux.
  • Added six new types of Hounds with unique behavior features to the test location.
  • Fixed a bug with mobs disappearing at a certain distance from the spawn point.


Our team is improving network, as well as revising the authorization mechanism using the Steam SDK.

We’re working on the character progression system.

Quest system creation is in progress.

We’ve created the basic artificial intelligence for all types of Hounds.


We are working on the relic forest. The landscape is refined, new objects arecreated and set up for the generation.

This week, some textures of plants for the relic forest were created.

Our team has created a small story instance, Yers’s Workshop.

This week our team completed reworking the Dump instance.

EntrancetotheArenaisnow complete.


The work on the creating retopology for the mech is almost complete.

This week, we’ve completed roll and grenade throw animations for the character.


We’ve completed Raider animations this week.

Trogmodelingisstillin progress


Development goes on with no delays, the world is constantly growing and the network part is gradually improving. During this week, we received a lot of comments and feedback; you shared a number of interesting ideas and found new bugs, and we are so very grateful to all our players. If you missed the latest news, but very much waited for the opportunity to participate in the early testing, we are pleased to remind you that PTS testing is still open for our players. To participate in the test, you should have an activated copy of the game and complete the registration as described on the page:


And, once again, we want to remind everyone considering purchasing the game that it’s still in its Alpha stage, and we don’t recommend buying it if you expect a full-fledged finished project. By buying the game now, you support the development and have an opportunity to see its early stages. If you want to enjoy a full game experience with the maximum number of game mechanics and no critical errors, we advise you to wait until the project enters the beta testing phase or even later.