Weekly Newsletter [#32]


Hello, dear friends! The game development goes on and we hope that our team soon we will be able to start implementing the quest system. Now, however, are ready to share our weekly report done over the last week.


There was a lot of work on testing and fixing various bugs and glitches which are caused by the new mechanics, systems, mobs, and objects. In particular, we fixed a bug with the turret being static and freezing Digger mobs.

We’ve also fixed the most critical bugs with the radar. They included the incorrect display of different tags and the radar itself.

This week, we were able to work on the quest system as hard as possible. For the last couple of days, our main objective was refining and improving the dialogue and award system.


Our team is adding lots of details to the world of Avalon. We made various small additions, and in addition, started working on a large area containing the ancient Gunar temple complex.

We’ve almost finished precise improvement of small visual details around the Desert area.


This week we’ve begun working on the Mech animations.


Another week of development is over, and we are happy to see our project grow, though not as fast as we’d like. At the moment, our priority task is to prepare the game for the quest system implementation. In addition, we are busy preparing all the basic character mechanics and features from character progression system to Mech control.

We’d also like to remind you that at the moment the main work on the project is done on the PTS servers. We’ll transfer the updated project on the base server only after we finish and successfully test the quest system. Now all players who want to see that the project is moving forward have an opportunity to take part in PTS testing. To take part in the test, you must have an activated copy of the game and follow the registration as described on this page:


And, once again, we want to remind everyone considering purchasing the game that it’s still in its Alpha stage, and we don’t recommend buying it if you expect a full-fledged finished project. By purchasing the game now, you support the development and have an opportunity to see its early stages. If you want to enjoy a full game experience with the maximum number of game mechanics and no critical errors, we advise you to wait until the project enters the beta testing phase or even later.