Weekly Newsletter [#9]


Greetings, friends! Another development week is over and we’re pleased to present the ninth Weekly Newsletter telling you about the work we’ve done. But first of all, Neuronhaze team congratulates everyone celebrating the International Workers’ Day. It doesn’t matter whether you are supported or condemned, believed in or not, the main thing in is to work hard and push to the limits no matter what, strive for the ideal and trying to be the best. That’s the only way to get the result you can be proud of. So we wish successes in our day-to-day work, both big and small!


This week, we continued working on the on the switching between servers and the database. At the moment, these are the top priority for the software part of the project.

Our team is working on the Ark NPC setup. We set and modify movement and environment interaction points for them. A serious error with the daily routine has been detected during one of the many closed tests and now is being dealt with.

We have added new logic for the NPCs, allowing non-player characters to take and carry items from one point to another.


A layer with dense forest vegetation was added into the open world and worked through. This allows quick creation of areas with dense mixed forest which small animals can find very convenient to hide in. Melee weapon is especially relevant in this area. Such forest tracts will be ideal places for hunting and gathering rare species of Avalonian flora and fauna.

This week, all scientific camp objects were transferred to the engine and set up. Thus we can continue working on some new locations in which these objects are used.

We’ve created search sketches for a number of areas throughout Avalon. These are sketches for new game locations, which determine general appearance and objects necessary for further stages of development. These sketches allow the working basis for artists, modelers, and level designers. Also, we’ve done sketches of various alien plants which will mix up with the habitual green forests of the planet.

The Raider research camp dungeon is complete. Like all other parts of the game world, it’ll still be affected at the final stage of filling the world with mechanics, opponents and non-player characters.

Our team has done a delicate work on texturing objects purchased in the official Epic Games store. We use the minimum number of purchasable assets, trying to make the world completely unique, but some quality objects from the store are of considerable value in terms of saving time for the secondary locations filling. Over time, many of these objects undergo small visual changes to better fit into the game.


This week, we began working on setting up the visual assault rifles appearance in the game. In addition to customizing the basic material, the weapon will have the same color scheme as the armor. This means that any weapon model will have three options, differing in parameters, quality, and paint color.


We‘ve completed work on creating models of non-player characters, which are necessary for global updating.

All non-player characters were skinned, set up and integrated into the game.

This week, our team created animation for the Acid mob. Fighting this enemy you’ll see new fancy movements, strikes, and unique skills.


We continue working on Project Genom, and everything goes according to the plan. It was a long hard journey, but our project is appearing to be exactly how we always wanted it to be presented to our players. Without a doubt, it makes the whole team happy and inspired.

At the same time, we are always open to dialogue, ideas, and suggestions. You can express your wishes for the project development on the official game websites. The way you visualize crafting, combat, PvP, and other game mechanics seriously affects our work and makes the game even deeper and more interesting. Thanks for your feedback!

We’d also like to remind everyone who suggests buying the game — it’s in the alpha stage at the moment. So, we strongly recommend not buying it if you expect a full-fledged finished project. Purchasing the game now you support the development and get the opportunity to see its early stages. If you want to enjoy a full game experience with the maximum number of game mechanics and no critical errors, we advise you to wait until the game enters the beta testing stage or even later.